Metro Atlanta Urban Farm!

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Metro Atlanta Urban Farm believes everyone deserves access to affordable high quality produce.  Our certified naturally grown produce is grown and harvested with care by the hands of staff and volunteers who support an equitable food distribution system.  We provide gardening and agricultural training to ensure families learn to feed themselves and to create future generations of urban agriculturalists.  Welcome to our Farm. We invite you to explore, learn, eat and grow with us!


At Metro Atlanta Urban Farm, we believe EVERYONE should have access to affordable fresh produce grown free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  Our mission is to reduce barriers to healthy living in urban communities by encouraging, promoting and supporting health education and sustainable high-quality  low-cost agricultural production through gardening and farm training.  Most important our goal is to feed you well! We invite you to visit our community and experience urban farming at our 5 acre facility located in College Park!

In the Community

Metro Atlanta Urban Farm is a community-driven organization and our survival depends on the support of our volunteers. 

Support Us

Metro Atlanta Urban Farm depends solely on donations, grants, and program revenue.  Help make a difference by donating. To see how your donation will support the farm, visit our Donor Guide Booklet.

Start A Garden

We work with seniors to help them increase their physical activity and provide access to affordable produce through gardening.


Due to this pandemic quagmire that we’re facing now, which comes at a critical time for getting crops in the ground, MAUF’s leadership believes that all of our focus should be on fighting this pandemic.

MAUF has shifted 60% of its resources and time to feeding people in the surrounding communities. 

We are gleaning fields so that people can have access to fresh vegetables.

Our trucks are being used to transport food from the food bank.

Our funding through our research has been put on hold from the university.

Our funding from other grants has been put on hold because of constituents are practicing social distancing and, therefore, cannot gather at the farm.

We will lose revenue from farmers’ markets, from directs sells to local restaurants, due to constituents not having the finances to purchase locally grown produce.

As a result, many fruits and vegetables will go into food baskets that we are giving to local residents.