Metro Atlanta Urban Farm Responds to a Global Pandemic

Due to a pandemic quagmire that we are all facing and which comes at a critical time for getting crops in the ground, MAUF’s leadership believes that all our focus should be on confronting the challenges before us as a result of Covid-19.

MAUF has shifted 60% of its resources and time to feeding people in the surrounding communities as a designated Emergency Relief Center.

We continue to glean the fields so that people can have access to locally and naturally grown fresh vegetables.

Our trucks are being used to transport food from the food bank for distribution to communities in need.

This year’s revenue from farmers’ markets will be reduced as a result of decreased community participation, i.e. pedestrian foot traffic at the markets.  Reduced direct sales to local restaurants will also impact this year’s revenue. 

Fortunately, produce previously earmarked for local restaurants will not be wasted because we will be able to  increase our donations to local residents in communities where there is limited access or unavailability of fresh and nutritious food.