Farm History

Where the Past Meets the Future…

Located in the heart of downtown, The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm serves as the gateway to the historic city of College Park, Georgia.  Aesthetically, this farm is an authentic relic of the Old South.  Established in the 1880’s this beautiful 5- acre property still contains the original main house, caretaker’s house and barn.  Originally owned by the Hearn family, this College Park landmark continues to pay homage to its agricultural roots.


The main house or, as the former owner Christine Hearn McGarity affectionately calls it, “the big house” is a Victorian-era home with a large wrap-around porch surrounded by rose bushes and pomegranate trees.  Its interior has been restored to its original charm.  Bay windows, a grand curved staircase and fireplaces (some with original tile) give visitors a glimpse of a bygone era.  The caretaker’s house is a meeting spot for volunteers, staff, local residents and anyone who wants to learn about farming.  The original barn, still intact, serves as the supporting structure for the greenhouse.


As the Hearn Farm, the land supported livestock and produce.  Mrs. McGarity fondly remembered horses, cows, chickens and pigs roaming the land; and plenty of vegetables to provide hearty meals for her family and its support structure. Today the family-own farmed serves as an educational center, a food distribution center and a meeting place for volunteers and community residents who appreciate the beauty of fresh produce.