Farm History

Where the Past Meets the Future…

The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm sits on a beautiful five-acre tract of land in the heart of College Park, Georgia just minutes from downtown Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. 

In 2009, Metro Atlanta Urban Farm (MUAF) was created to address the growing need of affordable food in low-income communities. We wanted to create an agricultural model that works to decrease the number of food insecure families by educating them on planting, cultivating and cooing fresh produce. In addition, we wanted the farm to serve as a preventative tool against health issues, crime and to encourage social and emotional wellness. 

We believe an agricultural framework is an excellent and cost-efficient tool to build dynamic communities. By working on an urban farm, residents can learn basic life skills, experience job creating, develop entrepreneurial skills, and lead healthier lives. Agriculture offers a multi-disciplinary approachc to providing a workable solution. In short, agriculture is the instrument for creating economic growth and healthy empowerment zones. 

The Farm or The White House on Main, as it is affectionally called, encompasses an array of activities designed to foster growth for individuals and their communities. At MUAF, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable fresh produce grown free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. 

The Farm serves as a self-sufficient organization that offers high-quality goods and services to the public at competitive prices. We are innovators in the use of urban space for food production and serve as an operating model for other urban farming or gardening movements.