Metro Atlanta Urban Farm (MAUF) is a community-driven organization dedicated to providing high-quality affordable, naturally-grown produce.  We were founded in late 2009 to eliminate food deserts and food insecurity.  However, as we worked more in the community and listened to needs of its residents, we realized food insecurity and the absence of affordable produce are symptoms of a much larger problem.  We expanded our focus to serve as the conduit for community health transformation through agricultural training, health prevention and economic empowerment. Our mission is to reduce barriers to healthy living in urban communities by encouraging, promoting and supporting health education and sustainable high-quality low-cost agricultural production through gardening and farming training.

About the Farm

MAUF sits on nearly five acres of land in downtown College Park.  Our farm is steeped in the history of College Park.  It was established in the 1880s by the Hearn family and the original house, caretaker’s quarters and barn are still fully functional and are used for our day-to-day activities.  In addition to preserving our historic significance, we practice good land stewardship. We are a certified naturally grown farm, which means we employ environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices.   Our land is irrigated by the most responsible water-use techniques.  We have an operational well that supplies water to our crops.  This ensures that we are not a drain on resources; we are able to keep our operational costs low.

Our Programming

We work towards fulfilling our mission by providing community-inspired programming designed to empower residents to lead informed and healthier lives. Our programming, while centered on agricultural training, also promotes:

  • exercise and physical movement
  • community awareness and development
  • building strong social networks
  • math and science exploration
  • leadership development
  • environmental awareness
  • intergenerational learning
  • healthy eating


Our Staff

With more than 50 years of combined experience, our staff has worked in the areas of agricultural training, crop management, community development and advocacy.  In MAUF’s short history, the staff has provided hundreds of “at-risk” youth with personalized gardening training.  Farm staff also provides gardening training to organizations, churches and community centers.  MAUF offers seasonal farmer’s markets in underserved areas.  Because we believe communities should have a voice in programming and policies that impact them the most, we strongly encourage the establishment of agricultural consortiums designed to promote a true community network of businesses, residents, organizations, and institutions who support one another with a “co-created” process of working agreements, policies and procedures.

Our Demographics

Our mission and our vision call us to focus on historically marginalized and underserved communities in College Park, East Point, and other areas across Metro Atlanta.  Our targeted demographics are those persons who live in USDA designated opportunity zones, food deserts and/or who are food insecure for other reasons.  In addition, we work with youth (ages 5-18) who are in foster care or who have been through the juvenile court system.  We are also proud of the work that we do with area K-12 schools in support of S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. programs.   With real-world applications in math and science, we are able to introduce students to agriculture and agriculture-based careers which range from farming to engineering to veterinary medicine involving large and small animals.


Our Philosophy

As any farmer will tell you, all good crops develop with T.I.M.E.   Because we know this to be true, we employ the T.I.M.E method of community development: Teach Inspire Motivate and Encourage.  Our goal is to help build healthy communities. As a result, we provide instruction, tools and resources so residents are equipped to pass on the information they learn to their families, friends and neighbors.  To inspire, we show residents real-world examples of community transformation through agriculture.  Equally important, we seek opportunities to motivate and encourage their continued participation by connecting residents to a large network of growers for mentorship and support.


Benefits of Sponsorship


Urban agriculture has been around for quite some time.  Yet, as a a relatively new community development concept, it is growing in popularity across the United States.  At MAUF, our goal is to serve as a model for other urban farms that can be replicated throughout the southeast. Examples of urban agricultural success stories can be seen in all across the U.S. beginning here in Metro Atlanta.  As a sponsor of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm, you will establish yourself as a leader in supporting the creation of environmentally sustainable community development–the ultimate in creating a greener and sustainable future.

Contributor to Public Health

The root cause of most chronic diseases is poor diet and lack of exercise.  As a sponsor you establish your organization as a supporter of preventative cures to chronic disease.  At MAUF we provide the information and the food needed to improve diet, increase physical activity and mental health.  With your support we can provide these services at a nominal cost to those who need these tools the most.


Creating a New Audience

As we create stronger community our goal is to develop residents to become more informed consumers.  We know with this increased awareness residents will understand the importance of supporting socially responsible businesses. Your visibility on our farm will position your business as a trust-worthy entity to the communities we serve.  In addition, your logo displayed prominently on our website will connect you to a vast network of national and local organizations dedicated to supporting the local food movement, the environment and eliminating food insecurity.

Levels of Sponsorship

We have four levels of sponsorship that will support the educational programming and events held at the farm.  Each level of support requires a minimum three-year commitment.  Your support will allow us to provide high quality programming for a nominal fee and scholarships for those in need.


Partner (3) Available $30,000

In addition to the sponsor benefits at the previous levels, the Partner will receive:

  • Logo on all printed promotional material for all calendar events
  • Naming rights for all calendar events
  • Name prominently displayed on the front welcome sign
  • Live mention “Thank you” on stage at all calendar events
  • Name and or logo mentioned on all media advertising
  • Logo on the outside of the Kitchen, Dining Room or Living Room
  • Logo listed on MAUF landing page


Patron  (10) Available $15,000

In addition to the sponsor benefits at the previous levels, Patrons will receive:

  • Logo listed on signage for all program event banners
  • Logo on all promotional apparel for all calendar events
  • Logo on MAUF website programming page and sponsorship page


Supporting Patron (20) Available $7,500

In addition to the sponsor benefits at the previous level, Supporting Patron’s will receive:

  • Listed on MAUF website sponsorship page and printed material for all calendar events
  • Signage space at event for all calendar events
  • Radio commercials for all calendar events


Contributor Sponsor (20) $3,500

  • Listed on website and printed material for all calendar events
  • Listed on all promotional apparel for all calendar events
  • Listed on website sponsorship page
  • Listed on main house front door plaque
  • Listed on barn and green house plaque
  • Listed on caretaker house plaque


Sponsored Farm Items

If your business is looking for a short-term sponsorship commitment, we have the following items available for your support.

Community Garden  (10) $500

The community garden is three-quarters of an acre and sits adjacent to the farm.  It was developed to help low-income families and individuals grow their own food.  While this purpose is still important, it the community garden has grown to provide students a place to practice their growing techniques and provides churches with food for their food drives and for their congregants.  Each $500 contribution will support the maintenance of 10 plots, the purchase and maintenance of tools and a storage unit for the tools. In exchange for your support your logo will be prominently displayed on the community garden banner.  You may renew your contribution yearly.

Resting Benches (4) $1,000

During the height of the growing season, our farm becomes a social center, a worker’s refuge to a hard day, or a place for volunteers to discuss their plans.  We would like to be able to foster community and build relationships by encouraging gathering places on the farm.  Your contribution of $1000 will help us build permanent benches for the cool-spots (shaded by our majestic trees) on the farm.  In exchange for your generous donation, a plaque with your logo and the date will be posted on the bench.

Zone Sponsor (10) $5,000

For a two-year period, your organization can sponsor a food zone on our farm.  We have ten 30×60 zones that grow at minimum 5 crop varieties.  Your contribution of $5,000 will help us cover the harvest during the height of the growing season and the year-round maintenance of the land.  In exchange for your contribution, you will receive priority volunteer days for your employees, produce from your zone and your logo prominently displayed along with the crop varieties on a sign to designate your zone.  As well as, your logo will be displayed on our harvest webpage along with pictures of your zone.