The Farm

Food can be plentiful and accessible with the right knowledge…

We saw too many families in our community who were food insecure and lived in food deserts.  Our mission is to reduce barriers to healthy living in urban communities by encouraging, promoting and supporting health education and fostering sustainable high quality, low-cost agricultural production through gardening and agricultural literacy. 

As we began the plans for our farm, we realized that the people we intended to serve needed to know us.  They needed to have faith and trust that the produce we provided would be of the highest quality and know that price does not always dictate quality.  We explored every opportunity to find the most cost-effective methods of growing our produce.  It is because of these efforts to produce the best health food alternatives, we chose to become a certified naturally grown farm and we only grow produce that is in season.  We combine ancient and innovative techniques to ensure we are able to sell our customers food that is as close to free as we can get.

Certified Naturally Grown

The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm is a certified naturally grown farm.  This certification means we do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified organisms. Because we are a small-scale, direct-to-market farm, the certified naturally grown designation allows us to offer organic-quality produce to our customers at a fraction of the price of organic labeled foods.  We appreciate this program because, as a participant, we are required to have an annual inspection as well as inspect other farms.  This allows us to learn new methods of growing produce efficiently and stay on the cutting edge of food safety and accountability.  Most importantly, this certification is a very transparent process.  Our application as well as our inspection summary and declaration can be found at

Our Produce

As a farm located in Georgia, we are blessed with a long growing season.  We have more than 25 crops during the warm and cool seasons.  During the warm season our farm is known for its okra and tomatoes.  We grow more than 8 varieties of tomato and 3 varieties of okra.  During the cool season, you won’t find better greens.  We grow and are known for our canola greens, kohlrabi, swiss chard, spinach, various varieties of lettuce, turnips and collards.  After a fall rain in late October and early November, you can’t walk on our farm without smelling the sweet fragrance of the greens.

Our produce offerings change from season to season so be sure to check out what’s currently growing to have an up-to-date listing of what is growing on the farm